New Projects Awarded in Third Quarter for SCCG

A strategic collaboration founded in July 2018, of two leading Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancies within the UK; The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) consolidates the knowledge, expertise, and reach of both the Go Supply Chain Consulting, and Gideon Hillman Consulting teams.

SCCG have been awarded just under 50 Consultancy projects already this year in total, for work completed for new and existing clients; of which13 of these new projects were only awarded since August 2018 alone.

Projects awarded within 2018, have enabled The Supply Chain Consulting Group to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and skills within the Logistics Industry including: warehouse design and optimisation, supply chain management, tender management, logistics network reviews, and operational reviews.

Building upon the successes of their first half of the year, to date, the combined team work of Gideon Hillman Consulting, and Go Supply Chain Consulting – as SCCG means the teams have continued to impressively develop upon their already established diverse portfolio of clients, of which includes but is not limited to: a prestigious ecommerce catering wholesaler, a reliably renowned manufacturer, and a widely recognised multinational alcoholic beverages company.

The SCCG team continue to conduct and complete successful project work for both new, and a selection of their existing clients, throughout the remainder of 2018, and eagerly anticipate continuing to do so, into the beginning of, and subsequently throughout 2019.

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